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Run your kitchen with just one app.

Jelly is a free app that allows you to cost menus, see your spending, and order from your suppliers, all in one place.

Start now and see why so many kitchens love using Jelly.

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Loved by the best independent kitchens

Crafted for everyone in the kitchen

For chefs

No more papers and spreadsheets  

✔️ Save hours costing dishes
✔️ Track all your ingredient price changes 
✔️ Order from all your suppliers in one place


For owners & managers

Gain real-time insights into your kitchen

✔️ See up-to-date menu GPs on a dish level
✔️ Visualise weekly spending
✔️ It's completely free 

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It's so easy to get started

1. Sign up in seconds

Fill in the form. We'll text you an access link and will be in touch to guide you through the app.


2. Upload your invoices in the app

We turn your pictures into spending insights, products and prices in your dashboard within 24 hours.


3. Receive price change alerts

Add invoices regularly and get notified of any price changes by the next day - so you'll always stay on top of your margins.

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4. Start saving time on costing & ordering

Now you are ready to start costing menus with your ingredients, and order from all your suppliers.


Got questions? We've got answers.

Is Jelly really free?

Yes, it is really free.

We are dedicated to building accessible, smart and simple tools for independent hospitality businesses. We won't share your data, we won't put your recipes behind a paywall. Simple. 

What is Jelly?

Jelly is a kitchen management app, allowing chefs to cost menus, manage invoices, track food spending and order directly from suppliers, for free. By simplifying kitchen administration in one place, Jelly helps chefs save time and money, ultimately creating a less stressful kitchen environment and improving chefs’ mental health.

Can I find Jelly on the App Store/Google Play Store?

Jelly is currently a webapp that you can use  easily on desktop and on mobile.

Get access by filling in the form or emailing us at letscook@getjelly.co.uk.

“Jelly’s great to help us keep on top of the financial side. There’s a greater imperative than ever to actually make some money, and Jelly’s really helped us with that. Even though the cost increment in a dish might be 5p, over the course of a year, that can really add up” 

Chef Director & Co-Founder, Levan, Salon, Larry's

“All the food costing tools on the market charge hefty monthly and set up fees. With Jelly, the fact that we don’t have to manually input our product and update prices is amazing."
Holly-Social Pantry-1

Operations Director, Social Pantry

“I can't believe more chefs aren't using Jelly”
Tom-HeadChef-Restaurant Story-1

Head Chef, Restaurant Story

"Jelly is making our life 1000 times better"
MIrella Murano

Head Chef, Cafe Murano


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