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Choose a plan that fits your needs

Access our Demo Kitchen for free!

Monthly 10% Savings Annually
For businesses that no longer want to keep track of price changes, monitor live GPs and cost dishes. You will have access to your recipes to view only, without any automation.
1 user only
Viewing of recipes & cookbook
No costing (manual & automated)
No stocktake
No ordering
Limited and low priority support only
For independent businesses who need to manage the basics and start automating cost tracking.
Everything in Starter and...
Up to 5 Users
75 digitised invoices per month
Stock counting
Price change tracker
Spend tracker
Food flash report (spending vs revenue)
In-app chat support
For businesses who want to automate their costing, and need access to other advanced functionality.
Everything in Plus and...
Up to 15 Users
250 digitised invoices per month
Dedicated Account Manager
WhatsApp Support
Dedicated onboarding and support
Cancel anytime with no long term commitment

Note that all prices will also mandate 20% UK VAT

“Jelly is making our lives 1000 times better"
Mirella Pau Head Chef, Cafe Murano loves JellyPro
Mirella Pau

Head Chef, Cafe Murano

Still not sure which plan is right for you?


How long does it take to onboard?

You'll be set up in under a single day. The next step is getting your team involved and we recommend tablets or phones for day to day use.

Can I trial the paid tiers?

You can access our Demo Kitchen for free to see all the features of the app.

Are there any setup fees?
Am I locked into a contract?

With our flexible monthly contract, you can cancel at any time.

With our annual contract, it gives you 10% discount, however it cannot be cancelled before the contract ends. 

Why do you have a free version?

Our industry is not for the faint hearted and we take pride in what we do. We believe in having better tools to help the industry thrive, but what's the point if it's inaccessible.

Our free basic version will set you up for success and as your business grows, we want to be there to support you with more advanced but fundamental features, whilst taking a bit of spoil to support our operation and continue the mission.

Where can I give feedback about Jelly?

We love your feedback to help us improve! Reach out to us directly via your rep or simply email us at letscook@getjelly.co.uk

Let's chat about how we can help